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417 Welshwood Dr.
Suite 203
Nashville, TN 37211

For the best service possible,
 please come by our office and
 let our courteous staff assist you.

Process of Renting from Our Company

You must come to our office to pick up the application!
You may have to take it with you to fill out because every adult that will be living in the property MUST be on the application and sign it.  They all also must be on the lease no exceptions!  If another adult is found to be living in the property and they are not on the lease, you can be evicted or charged an extra fee each month for that extra person!
We will need the last 3 pay check stubs for all the adults that are working.  If you do not have regular pay check stubs then you must bring your full and complete tax return for the most current year if you are working for the same company as last year. If you are paid cash and do not file taxes, we cannot help you.   No Exceptions!
The application fee is only $25.00, money order or exact cash and it doesn't matter how many adults are on the application.
Once you are approved then you may pay a $10 deposit and get the key and take a look at any of the properties that you qualify for. The key must be back the same day before we close and your deposit will be returned to you.
Thank you!

Barrett Realty Company
Barrett Realty Company
Property Management and Sales
417 Welshwood Dr Suite 203 Nashville TN 37211

Please come to our office if you have any questions.

Thank you!